Pertex® Shield - Protection from the elements

The vision of Pertex® is to protect people in all weather conditions, and enable them to have outdoor experiences of a special kind. The British material manufacturer is convinced that with high-quality equipment, the enjoyment factor can be maximized during adventures in nature many times over.

How did this unique material come about? Mountaineer Hamish Hamilton had a brilliant idea in 1979 to develop a new fabric technology. In collaboration with the British equipment manufacturer Perseverance Mills he finally succeeded in the production of a lightweight, tear-resistant fabric, which ensured quick moisture transport.

Over the years, the company has grown to become the world leader in light technical fabrics. Pertex® continues to focus on innovation, emphasizing the functionality of materials and fabric design.

In addition to Pertex® Shield, the Pertex® fabrics range include Pertex® Quantum, Pertex® Microlight, Pertex® Classic, Pertex® Endurance and Pertex® Equilibrium.

The fabric against wind and wet

What is Pertex® Shield?

Pertex® Shield is a robust, high performance functional material that also scores high with breathability. A specially processed membrane ensures optimal protection against wind and weather. Pertex® Shield is a combination of an innovative outer fabric with a microporous coating - which creates a material that is ideal for outdoor wear.

Features and advantages of Pertex® Shield

  • completely windproof
  • waterproof
  • extremely breathable
  • light
  • soft
  • robust
  • compressible and therefore the material has a small packing volume
  • with a powerful and water-repellent surface


The fabric of the material is a technically mature outer fabric. It is designed for mountaineering and the focus is put on weight and functionality of the clothing. The versatile, two-, two- and a half and three-layer technology combines lightweight fabrics with waterproof, windproof and breathable membranes.

In the outermost layer, the durable DWR membrane (durable water repellent membrane) lets rain and snow roll off, thus preserving the breathability of the fine fabric pores. Despite its robustness, Pertex® Shield is soft and wafer-thin.

Thanks to the capillary effect of the fabric, moisture is transported from the body to the outside through micro-fine pores where it can dry quickly. So the body remains dry even during the most streneous activities and the pleasant wearing comfort remains unchanged.


The Pertex® Shield material is perfect for light summer jackets but also for winter clothing Martini Sportswear uses the robust functional material. It protects the outdoor sportsman from wind, rain and snow. At the same time, the garment remains breathable and transports perspiration away from the skin.

Whether in light windbreakers or rain jackets for hiking, running or cycling or in thick ski pants for freeriding or warming vests for ski touring or cross-country skiing, Pertex® Shield  i processede in a large variety of jackets, pants and vests, which are mainly used as Second and Third Layers.

Tip: Martini Sportswear reveals athletes more about practical layering - also known as onion principle or layered look.

Tips how to clean and care for clothing with Pertex® Shield

Before washing, take a look at the sewn-in care label of the garment. It provides information about how the functional material should be best maintained.


Tip 1: Make sure that you close hook and loop fasteners before washing.

Tip 2: As to the porous material structure, soft or special liquid detergents without surfactants should be used for the care of functional clothing.

Tip 3: Use gentle cycle at low temperatures.

Tip 4: Fabric softener and spin cycle should be avoided altogether.

Whether the Pertex® garment is suitable for tumble drying or should be hung up to dry is also noted in the sewn-in care label.

Good to know: If the water repellent effect of the garment surface is caused by frequent washing, you can treat the products with special impregnating agents. This preserves the water-repellent property of the material.